Apartment Ocean + Sino Group

Powering Sino websites with industry leading AI chatbot

Always Available Chat Support On Your Website

Apartment Ocean provides a 24/7 chat support to your customers. Whenever they have questions, Apartment Ocean is here to provide information they need. They won't need to wait for hours or minutes to get a response anymore, they will get it within seconds.

Enjoy Great User Experience For Your Website

With Apartment Ocean, your website becomes more engaging and more powerful than ever. It comes alive! Enjoy great user experience from your website. Apartment Ocean is always available, works nonstop and instantly provides information to commonly asked customer questions, such as when is the property location, special promotion, amenities list and many more...

Customers Prefer Chat Over Emails And Calls

Messaging is the preferred means of communication now that the vast majority of people across the world carry a smartphone. With this customer behavior transition, chatting emerged as the primary communication medium. Rather than dealing with company representatives, customers want complete control over the decision-making process. The information they request must be instantaneous and accurate. This trend of self-service has been increasing exponentially in recent years. In fact, studies suggest that over 72 percent of Millennials prefer self-service when compared to traditional phone calls and emails.

Showcase Your Amenities

As you know, users want to know about the unique aspects of your property. They will ask questions about amenities and other characteristics of the property. Apartment Ocean is here to answer those questions and showcase your property in the best light possible. Every detail of your property can be stored in Apartment Ocean knowledge base and provided to users when needed. Let's show users how great your property really is.

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